PERSONAL MYTH,  2017 (ongoing series)

Weaving a tale that is both autobiographical and invented, Personal Myth, is an investigation of childhood experiences told through missing and fragmented memories. Drawing upon universal symbols of life, death, birth, and vulnerability, as well as personal symbolism, these photographic textile pieces are intimate self-portraits that explore the fallibility of memory and it's impact upon the self. The photographs become delicate, layered textiles, suggesting the impermanence and passage of time. Through these works I examine my individual myths and discover connections between them, and what I have come to accept as the "truth" of my personal history.

Each self-portrait is photographed with a large format view camera on color medium format film. The photographs are digitally scanned and printed using a wide format inkjet printer. Multiple fabric layers are hand sewn together, revealing and obscuring segments of each image, requiring closer examination. The mis-registered and repetitive images evoke movement and suggest a memory that is constantly shifting. 

© 2011- 2018 Alecia Walls-Barton - No reproduction without permission

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