SHIFT      2017 (ongoing series)

​​In this series Shift, I have made unconventional self-portraits to express an inner state of change and evolution. In utilizing the view camera's unique ability to adjust the plane of focus and perspective I have constructed a space that reflects the internal shifting taking place brought on by many months of reflection and guided reprocessing of personal trauma. Tonally, these images are dark with the highlights mostly in the planes of light through a window. It is important for the light to be an active participant in the images, illuminating only parts of the body to depict transition as well as enlightenment. The figure may appear to be in anguish and solitude as the shifting occurs. This is how we grow, it can be lonely but it also transcendent. There is resolution to the narrative in these photographs as the shifting is still taking place.


During 2010 and 2011 I turned the camera on myself to document my depression and the great loneliness I was experiencing. Today, with clearer eyes and compassion I can see the beauty in that sadness and the light that will always eventually rescue me. The series began as a 32 image roll of 35 mm film and later I returned to carry the experience into the nighttime hours.  

© 2011- 2018 Alecia Walls-Barton - No reproduction without permission

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